Marion Poussier

On est là

Born in 1980 in Rennes, France.
Lives and works in Paris, France.

The different programs for reorganizing the banks of the Canal Saint-Denis make this transforming area a difficult place to be in. There are however in these streamlining spaces, certain life forms which resist and stand up to the uses which are planned for the future.

Their bodies are validated, their movements repeat, as if they have a right to take over these places. This affirmation and spirit are what the artist has photographed.

Lieux d’exposition

  • Grilles du Pont Saint-Ange – Image de l'œuvre
  • Maison de l’Environnement et du Développement durable de l’Aéroport de Paris-Orly – Image de l'œuvre
  • Maison de l’Environnement de Paris-Charles de Gaulle – Image de l'œuvre
  • Les Ardoines (Line 15) – Image de l'œuvre
  • Musée Carnavalet – Histoire de Paris – Œuvre
  • Centre national de la Danse – Image de l'œuvre
  • Magasins généraux – Œuvre
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