City stories

More than seven million people live in the area called ‘le Grand Paris’. Anonymous people passing through on a daily basis, who do not spend time with each other, fulfilling the silent destinies of the city, assembling, separating, pretending. In this constant ebb and flow, the photographers isolated and followed several groups, into their daily lives, quite intimately, looking especially at their movements, their habits, their stories, their anxieties, their battles; how they manage to live in this world. There are several series of portraits of individuals who share the same traits at different moments in time: children from the same family, adolescents and students of the same generation, immigrants who are changing their professional lives, groups who share the same origins, with some of the same cultural practices. Photographs become a collective sense memory for a city whose story is written with a confluence of lives, and the multiple, diverse identities sharing it.

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