Pedestrian Tour – « Walking in height », nature and culture


27 August 2022    
10h00 - 18h00


Gare Val de Fontenay
10, avenue du Val-de-Fontenay, Fontenay-sous-Bois , 94120

Tour piéton

From August 17 to 28, Enlarge your Paris and the Société du Grand Paris will be organizing the third edition of the Walking Tour of ‘le Grand Paris,’ a two hundred kilometer loop, following along the future lines of the Grand Paris Express, discovering the green spaces in the metropolitan area! Two stages of the tour allow for seeing the exhibition Regards du Grand Paris, displayed on the fencing on the construction sites for the future metro, the Grand Paris Express.

Walking from the station in Val-de-Fontenay to the metro station of the Fort d’Aubervilliers, the hikers and walkers will be traveling from the heights of the Plateau de Romainville and the far end of the Plaine de France, walking through a number of green spaces in Montreuil, les Lilas, Romainville and Pantin. This slightly up-in-the-air path running from parks to gardens, will lead us to the Magasins généraux in Pantin, a center for artistic creation, and a partner of the exhibition Regards du Grand Paris.

  • Admission free, per availability.
  • For more information on the Walking Tour:
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